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Lamb's Artillery is in need of new members to fill in our ranks and if your interested in joining please contact us thought our contact link here Join today...

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Welcome to John Lamb's Artillery Company!

Example content image - aligned to the rightJOHN LAMB’S ARTILLERY CO. (1775) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to recreating and reliving the experiences of the American Revolution era. Lamb’s Artillery Company was founded in 1959 and is based on the original company of artillery organized by John Lamb in May 1775. All clothing and equipment used by the members is authentic to the period.

Example content image - aligned to the rightLamb’s artillerymen wear uniforms of buff-faced blue wool regimental coats, buff waistcoats and breeches, and carry swords, bayonets and reproductions of the British Brown Bess or French Charleville flintlock muskets. Their cannon is modeled on the British three-pounder field piece, the bronze barrel cast from an original captured at theBattle of Saratoga.

The women portray camp followers, wives who followed Example content image - aligned to the right their men and tended to their support in camp. They make good use of the camp equipment, such as tents and cooking utensils. Some are adept with a rifle or musket and shoot along with the men.

The men and women of Lamb’s enjoy a camaraderie seldom found in today’s hectic world. Company events, which include selected re-enactments of Revolutionary War musters, battles and camp-life demonstrations, often at historic sites, are a family affair. At a typical encampment a variety of colonial crafts and skills are demonstrated; this includes gun smithing, wool and flax spinning, camp cookery, basketry, leather working and wood working. (Regarding the cookery,the meals prepared over an open fire from 18th-century recipes are simplymouth-watering).

Membership is open to all persons who have a love of American history and the outdoors. Fees are nominal. Further information may beobtained on this website. Contact us if your intrested in Joining if this sound interesting to you. Join Today!